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By God’s Grace!!

Recently I happened to see the response sheet of a few Post Graduate pass outs of a college. All the narratives were fairly realistic, but one statement, by some of them did pique my interest. It read thus “By God’s Grace, I could pass”.  I too am a religious person so much so that I invoke almighty every day as all of you might be doing. At the same time, I don’t believe in sitting back by ‘delegating” everything to the God. There is saying that the God supports those who do their part well. In the above instance, when students are studying to pass, why do they feel the god has to grace them to succeed? Didn’t they do their part? Or do they doubt their own capability?

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Miracle indeed!!

This takes me to a humorous reel which is doing rounds on the social media. A reporter is seeking the reactions of the winners of a competitive examination.  The camera focuses on a particular candidate who replies that it is the Almighty who helped him. You know how?! Whenever he was not sure about an answer he closed the eyes and touched on one of the options and marked it. He claimed all such guesses were right. Miracle indeed!! I have no argument, as I don’t have any material to counter it, but I just have a question; what if the answers were descriptive ones and not multiple choice?

Anecdotes and humour apart, both these incidents, one feels, point towards low self-confidence (belief in self) of the respondents. When we're confident, we're more likely to charge ahead and say “I have achieved this” It's the opposite when confidence is low.

Believe in Yourself

In my childhood days, the class teacher insisted that as soon as we get up in the morning (Mind you it was not later than 5 am), we should stand facing the mirror and say “I can do it; I will do it” three times in full throat (Many trainers these days too advice this). This simple routine resulted in building confidence in our abilities and upped our spirit to complete the tasks or compete with others.  

A political novice was once pitted against a veteran leader.  An interviewer once asked him why he was not withdrawing when the result is foregone. Everyone expected him to give a standard reply, “That is the High Command’s decision”. But that was not to be. He quipped “No one contests to lose. Till I am declared lost, I am a winner and I shall continue to fight.” To the Surprise of everyone he was elected. Faith in oneself is a powerful tool. If you start believe in yourself, others will start believing you.

Cat Succeeds & Elephant fails

Looking at its reflection, a cat thinks it is a tiger. It also possesses the whiskers, canines and claws exactly like a tiger.  This scripts success stories for the cat. Elephant on the other fails to realize its own potential (its large ears stand in between its eyes and the huge body) and the result? It lands up serving ‘tiny’ humans who not measure up even to a quarter of its leg.

Shun Distractions

In order to develop a firm belief in self, one has to shut his/her ears to distractions which include useless criticisms. The popular story of a frog conquering the peak tells us this. Once a group of frogs set on conquering a peak. The crowd around constantly discouraged them and told them that it was a fatal fete. Getting scared, the members of the group withdrew one by one. But one among them did touch the peak. It so happened that the winner frog did not give ears to the crowd’s discouragement. 


Finishing Line

“Well begun is half done”, they say. Self-belief is half err…full done, I correct.


By K.V.Murali Mohan A passionate freelance writer and ardent communicator - Double Post Graduate in communication subjects -Recipient of Kulapati Gold Medal and TKM Rao award in Journalism - Credited with four decades of literary pursuit spanning over 300 plus articles in national and regional publications.


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