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The Deluge

River Godavari is always a nostalgia. "Vedamla Ghoshinche Godavari" (Godavari is acclaimed by Vedas)

they say. But the recent monsoon floods turned Godavari ferocious that crippled millions of lives………

The Godavari I Know…..

On the lap of the serene mother

Is a serene mother who fondles and feeds her myriad kids

And provides them life and livelihood.

Is a splendorous sinew that lends its shores to wayfarers and pilgrims

And for parties and obsequies.

Is an enthralling entertainer that briskly churns the spume

And playfully retreats pleating gentle curls.

Is a reliquaire that nourishes myriad myths

And provides plot for endless epical episodes.

Is the inseparable link that unites people and culture, deltas and destinations

And mangroves and granaries.

Is a well-doer that sustains aqua and power; flora and fauna; industry and irrigation

And builds the local economy.

Come the recent monsoon deluge…….

I know Godavari…….

Can be devastating beyond fantasies

And wreak miseries in the guise of deluge

Can turn into an ogre to crash over her own kids

And flatten their lives and hopes.

Can play havoc and sniff out villages and habitations in a flicker

And inundate shrines and shops.

Can roll in inexorably and rise

And touch the topmost coconut fronds.

Can then retreat only to leave behind sight, smell

And taste of troubled waters.

Can render its banks eyesore with people panicking in and out

And hoping to salvage their kith and kin.

Can turn unpredictable and act at its will and wish

And unleash sufferings on its littoral lands.

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By K.V.Murali Mohan A passionate freelance writer and ardent communicator - Double Post Graduate in communication subjects -Recipient of Kulapati Gold Medal and TKM Rao award in Journalism - Credited with four decades of literary pursuit spanning over 300 plus articles in national and regional publications.


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