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Monsoon……but let’s cheer

Rain clouds swirl, jostle and cuddle, Sailing on the wings of stormy winds, Like the dippers swaying in wind, To tilt a balance sitting on a raft.

It is the season of thunder and bolt, And dribbling of water through the gamp. Those were the days when we walked down to schools, Splashing through water and drenching throughout.

The nature now gets into a playful mood, With the sun and the rain go hide and seek. The leaves get washed and rivers get teemed, The cascading waterfalls speed down the cliffs.

The rhythm of rain makes fauna delight, For heat and dust have gone with the winds. The peacock fans out its plumes and dance, The cuckoo calls loud to welcome the cheer.

The earth gets drenched and the plough gets charged, It is the time for farming revive. Rain is the lifeline for watery needs, So is the case with economy to rise.

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